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About Us – Policy


Correspondence to and/or from the Children’s Commission

  1. Correspondence to the Commission shall be filed with Human Services and copies shall be included in the upcoming commission meeting mailings to Commissioners.


  1. Correspondence generated by Human Services staff or any commission subcommittee going out on commission letterhead shall first be run by Commission Staff and/or Human Services Director to ensure consistency with the Children’s Commission mandate and values. If such correspondence is consistent with the Children’s Commission mandate and values, it shall be faxed to the Children’s Commission Chair for approval and then sent out under the Chair’s signature. Routine subcommittee correspondence may be forwarded to the Chair for signature or be signed by the initiating commissioner. Such outgoing correspondence shall be shared with Commissioners at the next regularly scheduled Children’s Commission meeting.


  1. Any correspondence deemed controversial in nature or questionable as to its consistency to the Children’s Commission mandate and values by the Commission Chair shall first be faxed to each Executive Committee member who will have 24 hours to contact the Chair requesting that the correspondence not be sent until full consideration by the Children’s Commission. If no Executive Committee member responds within 24 hours, the Commission Chair shall have the authority to decide whether or not the correspondence shall be sent under Children’s Commission letterhead.


  1. Correspondence sent and received by the Legislative Advocacy Committee during the Legislative Session that must occur in a quick fashion shall be consistent with the Legislative Agenda prepared by the committee that has been agreed to prior by the full Commission. Copies of the correspondence shall be maintained in a notebook and presented at regularly scheduled commission meetings.


  1. Correspondence generated by and/or received by any Children’s Commission subcommittees shall be kept by each committee in notebooks and presented to the full Children’s Commission at every regularly scheduled commission meeting.


  1. Correspondence shall be an agenda item for every regularly-scheduled Children’s Commission meeting.

Adopted: October 1997

Amended: January 1998



Letters of Support

For non-profits serving children and youth, and families with requests for letters of support for grants.


Check List:

  1. Request in writing

  2. Show how it addresses values of the Children’s Commission

  3. Submit proof of recent satisfactory audit, if available, or submission of evidence of financial stewardship if a new organization

  4. Does not require Children’s Commission choosing one to support over another

  5. Submitted with sufficient time to allow Children’s Commission process


Four Possible Levels of Response:

  1. Do not know enough to respond

  2. Cannot respond because does not meet criteria

  3. Is consistent with values

  4. Highly endorsed


Adopted July 1997