November 15, 2018

Gangs Information

A community-wide problem that demands a community-wide response

During the past three years street gangs have increased their presence and can now be found in nearly every community in Snohomish County. Gang violence – which includes robberies, rapes and homicides – has also increased during this time. Street gangs now have an established presence in many of our schools and parks across the county and altercations between gangs are becoming increasingly common.

To date, law enforcement has identified more than 50 unique gang-sets throughout Snohomish County, including:

  • 900 Block Bloods (North Everett)
  • Barrio Naked City 13 (Montlake Terrace/ Edmonds area)
  • Black Men Incorporated (South Everett)
  • East Side Piru
  • Flip Side 23 (Lynnwood/ Edmonds area)
  • Florencia 13
  • Neighborhood (NHD)
  • Gangsta Pimpin Collision
  • Gangster Disciple Folks
  • Hoover Criminals, 74
  • Juggalos
  • Latin Empire (North Everett)
  • Little Valley Lokotes 13
  • Mara Salvatrucha 13
  • Pasadena Lokotes Salvatrucha
  • North Side Locos 14
  • Oriental Loko Boyz (Bloods)
  • Playboys 13
  • South Land Villains 13
  • Surenos Villains 13
  • Tiny Raskal Gang
  • Tres Nissho Boyz
  • Varrio Surenos Lokotes 13
  • Vatos Locos 13
  • West Covina NHC

Within these gang-sets every racial group is represented. While traditionally “Black” street gangs (like the Bloods, Crips and Black Gangster Disciples) tend to allow all races into their ranks, Hispanic and Asian gangs are more race-oriented in their recruitment and membership. Hispanic street gangs currently represent more than 50% of all confirmed gang-sets and over 80% of all reported criminal gang activity within Snohomish County communities.

As gangs become more organized and entrenched within our schools and communities, more gangs are formed in order to provide protection against existing gangs. Snohomish County communities are experiencing the beginning phase of this cycle, which can rapidly spin out of control. In most cases, street gangs in our county are transient and have not formed territorial claims on neighborhoods; however, their emergence and activity can certainly be tied to particular areas suggesting the beginning of a shift in historical gang activity. Failure to respond to this shift will result in the creation of stronger and more territorial neighborhood-based gangs. A change like this will result in an increase in the amount of drugs, intimidations, assaults and shootings in residential areas.