November 15, 2018

Gang Resource Links

Learn more and get help
If you believe your child is being intimidated by gang members, at risk for becoming gang-involved or is already gang involved, you need help. Call your school and ask to talk with a counselor or try some of the resources listed below.

Cocoon Project Safe
Cocoon Project SAFE provides intervention and support to parents experiencing difficulties with their teens. Through phone consultations and educational groups parents and guardians receive services to strengthen the family and ultimately prevent youth from leaving the home. The goal is to keep families intact and youth off the streets and out of harm’s way.


WA State School Safety Center
In response to concerns about the influence of gang presence on school safety, the 2007 Legislature directed OSPI to convene a task force to study the problem of gangs in schools. The Gangs in Schools Task Force began its work in November 2007, and will make annual reports and recommendations to the legislature on methods of eliminating existing gangs, preventing new gangs, sharing information about gangs, and gathering intelligence on gangs.



National Youth Gang Center
The NYGC conducts assessments of the scope and characteristics of youth gang activity in the United States, develops resources and makes them available to the field, and provides training and technical assistance in support of community-based prevention, intervention, and suppression efforts.


Northwest Gangs
The Northwest Gangs website was made to give general information on street gang activity in the Pacific Northwest, with a specific focus on youth and young adult street gangs (e.g. Bloods, Crips, Folk Nation, People Nation, Nortenos and Surenos). The site lists several hundred local gangs and is update weekly.