October 22, 2018

Gangs Information

A community-wide problem that demands a community-wide response During the past three years street gangs have increased their presence and can now be found in ...
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Gang Behaviour

Parents Is my child at-risk? Parents play a pivotal role in keeping their children out of gangs. You can protect your kids from gang activity ...
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Child Development

1 ACE TED Burke 2 Common Sense Media 3 ACEs in Snohomish County 4 CDC Tools to Track Your Child’s Development 5 ACE TED Burke ...
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We Believe in Prevention Alcohol and other drug abuse is the root cause of many of the serious problems facing our communities today and is ...
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First 8 Years

From the moment they are born, young children are ready to learn. Behind a toddler’s soft features and halting first steps, an unseen, but extremely ...
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Early Learning : Race To Top

Early Learning : Race To Top
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Parents Marijuana Brochure

Parents Marijuana Brochure
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Heavier Teen Pot Smoking Linked To Problems In Young Adults

There’s a lot of argument over how teenage marijuana use might affect people through life, but distressingly little data to help figure it out. That ...
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Marijuana and Teens

Many teenagers experiment with marijuana. Friends, peer pressure, and portrayal of marijuana in the media often affect a teenager’s decision to use. Parents can also ...
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